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 Tracking Units

GSM/GPS Asset Tracker

When information about moving assets is needed, the VI Tracker can be considered. This small unit can fit snugly into small spaces and does not need external connections to a power supply to function, although operational periods may then be limited. The VI Tracker was designed to be a small tracking unit, reporting GPS coordinates and other status messages via the GSM network to a client server via GPRS or to designated cell phone numbers via SMS. The server may be configured to display the information on a web page or to send emails to designated email addresses.



Satellite/GSM/GPS Tracking Unit

Ideal to track locomotives where power is available, and GSM network is sometimes available but not always. Can give Locations, Speed, Digital inputs and short messages functionality.



Satellite/GPS tracking unit with battery

Ideal for Railroad wagon or container tracking where no power is available and no user interface is needed.


Satellite/GPS Tracking unit

For Locomotive tracking where GPRS signal is not available and basic tracking with position and speed is required every 10 minutes.

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