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EOT Telemeter Tester/Vacuum Generator.
Manufacturer Inteletrack
Product Code ITT-P-00501
Product Name EOT Telemeter Tester/Vacuum Generator.
Product Description

The Ideal tool to test End Of Train telemeter devices. The system is embeded PC based and includes a Vacuum pump and Air-regulator. The sytem must connect to a Air-source of 600 to 800KPA.

  • Features:
  • Generate 0 to -100 KPA from supplied Air prosure.
  • Vacuum of Pressure can regulated manualy.
  • Build in Radio UHF interface. Read and Send RF messages.
  • Can act as a Cab unit to test a Rear unit.
  • Can act as a Rear unit to test a Cab unit.
  • Connectivity to a network to save log and report files.
  • Build in GPS receiver to send real GPS position when acting as a rear unit.
  • External RS232 serial port to run setup/Logger program for EOT's.
  • Can log EOT's radio messages for AAR telemeters Cab to Rear and Rear to Cab.
  • Size: About 58x25x34cm. (Width x Depth x Height)
  • 220V Supply needed.
  • Can be moved, but not design as a portable tool.
    Tests performed and result format can be customized for the client's needs.