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Basic EOT Rear unit.
Manufacturer Inteletrack
Product Code ITT-P-
Product Name Basic EOT Rear unit.
Product Description

The INTELETRACK TELEMETER is an end-of-train monitor system. The system measures the air-brake pressure or vacuum at the end of the train and transmits the information to the driver in the cab via a radio link. More than 500 Inteletrack telemeter systems are in operation in South- Africa, and several systems are in operation in other countries around the world. The Telemeter system can interface to track-side equipment like low cost dragging equipment detectors, hotbox detectors and point switching equipment. A complete telemeter system consists of a cab unit mounted or stowed in the cab of a train where the crew operates and a rear unit mounted with a clamp on the last wagon of the train.


The rear unit consists of a microprocessor, radio modem, radio, pressure transducer, side mounting style clamp and an integral antenna. The Pressure transducer can measure both air brake pressure and vacuum. If the air-pressure changes more than 10Kpa or the vacuum changes more than 5 Kpa, a message is immediately sent to the cab unit every time it changes. If the pressure or vacuum is stable, the cab unit’s display is updated every 60 seconds. The cab and rear units operate as a matched pair. Each of the pair units is coded with an ID number. A cab unit will only decode a message from his corresponding rear unit. All the Telemeters operate on a single frequency. The rear unit can also be fitted with a second short range digital receiver. This receiver can receive messages from track-side equipment and has a range of 50 to 100 meters. This allows for interfacing to low cost track side equipment like dragging equipment detectors and section-clear signals. The INTELETRACK Telemeter system is designed to be a simple, rugged and reliable system. The clamp on the rear unit can fit on all the known types of buffers in Southern Africa. Maintenance is done by changing modules. All components are readily available from local suppliers.

Key Benefits:
Rugged Proven design
Low Cost
Portable System
Very long operating time on single battery charge
Expandable system
Detects possible brake system problems
Monitors for train completeness using pressure or vacuum and radio message time-outs.
Optional Checking for dragging equipment or wheels
Prevents track damage due to de-railing with DED®


Compact-EOT-Rear-unit. Compact-EOT-Rear-unit.