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INTELEtrack had update and re-do the whole website in August 2019.
Both the URL's below will bring you to this new website.
Please browse arround, see what we do, and contact us if you had any enquiries.

Added 2019/07
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New Emergency Beacon function for EOTT's.

INTELEtrack's new EOTT rear units will have this new future.
After a train was made up and pressure was intruduced into the braking system of the train, the system will be active.
If the Pressure is falling away to zero, after there was pressure from the last switch-on of the rear unit, the rear unit will broadcast on it's radio (UHF/VHF) channel a 'Emergency Beacon' signal to All Inteletrack telemeters in the regions (within radio reception area) the ID and status that the rear of this train had either de-railed or brake up and the brake pipes was damage or de-coupled or another problem with the rear unit.

Added 2019/07
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Real Time Train Information system (RTIS)

a New microprocessor board for the INTELEtrack One-Touch-Fixed Cab unit was also developed by Inteletrack as a mechanical and electrical drop-in replacement for the version currently in the field.

Some enhancements include :
ParameterCurrent versionNew unit
Memory/Logging10,000 records Over 50,000 records + micro SD card up to 64GB
Interface(s)RS232, 10/100 Ethernet RS232, 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0
GSMGPRS, 1 SIM CardGPRS, 3G, Two SIM Cards
Real-time Clocknot available2-week super capacitor, sync by GPS.

This enhancements, together with some firmware updates will enable the EOTT's Cab unit to also transmit it's position and other values to a server for tracking the locomotive(train), the status of the braking system of the train as well many more other parameters and functionality.

Added 2019/08
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Link to Railway Technology website (Inteletrack area).

Railway Technology Website

Added 2019/07

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Abbreviations and Definitions

EoT End-of-Train HoT Head-of-Train CU Cab unit RU Rear Unit SBU Signal & Brake Unit (rear) CDU Cab Display Unit (front) EBA Emergency Brake Application EOTT End Of Train Telemetry DGI Differential Graphic Information GPS Global Position System DED Dragging Equipment Detector TCS Train Communication System AAR Association of American Railroads kPA kilo Pascal PSI Pounds per Square Inch VHF Very high frequency (from 30 to 300 MHz) UHF Ultra high frequency (Above 200 MHz) PCB Printed Circuit Board VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio GPRS General Packet Radio Service GSM Global System for Mobile communications SIM Subscriber Identification Module TCP Transmission Control Protocol UDP User Datagram Protocol LED Light Emitting Diode LCD Liquid Crystal Display TFR Transnet Freight Rail

Updated : 2019/08
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